Planning Your Retirement Can Be an Age-Old Problem

Issue 5 and Volume 134.

Planning Your Retirement Can Be an Age-Old Problem features Here is a warning to fire fighters of all ages, whether volunteer or paid: Retirement may be dangerous to your health. Retirement is no longer a simple matter of working the required number of years, signing up for your pension check and settling in for the good, quiet life. Inflation took care of that. There are a number of other pitfalls to be avoided as well. Statistics show that retired people tend to have higher rates of alcoholism, divorce and suicide. The reality of potential retirement problems may be hard to accept if your own retirement is still years away. Indeed, one expert suggests that most employees spend more time planning their two-week vacations than their retirement years. Government figures indicate an average life expectancy of 13 1/2 years after age 65—17 1/2 years for women—and the averages are increasing. Younger…

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