Issue 6 and Volume 134.

FIRE ENGINEERING June 1981 Volume 134 No. 6 THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 22 Spill 24 Volunteers 30 Ignition 42 Air supply unit features 6 The Editor’s Opinion Page 11 Hazardous Incident Advice Confusing, Board Charges 22 The Cover Story: Large Spill Ignites After Unattended Tank Overflows 24 Three Volunteer Fire Departments Coordinate Protection of Minn. City 28 Special Tanker-Pumper Carries Two Foam Types 30 Carbonized Wood Ignition Determined in 4-Alarm Fire 33 Railroad Tanker Improves Center’s HazMat Training 34 Fire Protection Engineers Meet, Discuss Problems of Fire in the City 39 Training Program for Volunteers Covers Basics, Remains Flexible 42 New Air Supply Unit for Philadelphia F.D. 44 Fire Tests Conducted to Measure Heat, O2 Levels 48 Fire Departments Surveyed on Employment of Females departments 8 The Volunteers Corner 13 The Round Table 15 Coming Events 18 Fire Schools and Seminars 55 The Book Shelf…

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