Training Program for Volunteers Covers Basics, Remains Flexible

Issue 6 and Volume 134.

Training Program for Volunteers Covers Basics, Remains Flexible features In the world of the 1980s, all progressive fire departments recognize the importance of training, but few are so fortunate as the large city departments with a full-time training staff, wellequipped training facilities and career fire fighters available for training duty more frequently than their volunteer or on-call counterparts. However, a well-organized, long-term training program is probably most important to the small volunteer department because the volunteer gets so much less on-the-job practice, and experience is so limited that a member’s entire fire service lifetime may see relatively few working fires spread over many years’ time. Development of a long-term comprehensive program for these departments is often seen as an impossible task. Eight years ago we thought so, too, but by trial and error we have evolved a workable program that fits our department’s needs very well. Using the same approach,…

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