Issue 7 and Volume 134.

FIRE ENGINEERING July 1981 Volume 134 No. 7 THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 features 6 The Editor’s Opinion Page 12 Delayed Alarm, Lack of Water Are Factors in Egg Plant Fire 17 Fla. Shopping Center Fire Hit With Aggressive Attack 19 Another Use for Plastic Jug: Keeps Hoisting Rope Ready 20 Special Teams in Memphis Handle HazMat Incidents 22 Excess City Chassis Used to Build New Texas Pumper 24 New Ladder Use at High-Rise Fires 28 Alternate Water Sources Needed at Fire During Severe Drought 36 Using and Improving Fire Data Discussed at NFIRS Conference 40 Volunteers Control Warehouse Fire Before It Extends to LPG Storage 41 ISFSI Conference Oct. 22-25 Aimed at Human Resources 42 Pledge to Continue USFA, Academy Is Made to Metro Chiefs by Giuffrida 46 Two Die After Light Ignites Vapors During Train Derailment Cleanup departments 8 The Volunteers Corner 10 Fire…

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