Fire Service Speaks With Too Many Tongues

Issue 7 and Volume 134.

Fire Service Speaks With Too Many Tongues FEATURES The Editor’s Opinion Page Joseph Moreland created a stir at the spring conference of the IAFC Metropolitan Committee when he deplored the failure of the many segments of the fire service to speak with one voice on vital issues. The acting administrator of the United States Fire Administration—who was reassigned shortly after his remarks—saw the present fluid situation in Washington as a “critical opportunity for the fire service to get its act together.” At the same time, Moreland commented that the Joint Council of National Fire Service Organizations “has done a rather terrible job” of presenting an appearance of fire service unanimity on important issues. This is one of those situations in which the specifics are unimportant and the generalities are. Much of the discussion from the conference floor centered on the actions of the Joint Council— which few fire fighters have…

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