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Issue 7 and Volume 134.

From the Publishers Desk DEPARTMENTS Sprinklers Gain Approval In Business Community It has taken years of effort, but we are beginning to hear echoes of hope as the fire service continues to urge the installation of automatic sprinkler systems in office buildings. Of course, the clincher to the safety pleas was the series of fatal hotel fires that showed people could—and did—die in buildings that were not supposed to have serious fires. A couple of months ago, we heard of a bank in Texas that decided while its high-rise was under construction that sprinklers should be added. In Arizona, another bank is planning to spend $1 million on a fire protection system for its 27-story building. The encouraging note is that an automatic sprinkler system is the major part of the protection package and sprinklers are not required by the local code because this building was built before 1976. The…

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