Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 8 and Volume 134.

Manufacturers’ Literature departments 80 Breathing Air Compressors—American Bristol Industries, Inc., offers literature on a complete line of high pressure breathing air compressor and purification systems designed in mobile, stationary, and portable configurations. Descriptions of the “Test Cube,” dewpoint, and carbon monoxide monitoring equipment are also available. 81 Boots—Ranger Rubber Company, division of Endicott Johnson, offers literature on its entire line of fire fighter boots. All styles included in this 12-page catalog are manufactured with Ranger’s exclusive Poly-Rubber process which resists snags, abrasions and the deteriorating effects of ozone and oxidation, assuring longer life and maximum flexibility. Available in a variety of heights, these boots feature steel midsoles, high-visibility yellow bands and 3M’s retroreflective Scotchlite tape. 82 Arrhythmia Cassettes—Arrhythmia recognition for the advanced cardiac life support course (ACLS) is now practical with cassette tapes and a small black box. A newly printed product news from Physiological Training Company describes the system…

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