Determine Engine Pressures With One Simple Formula

Issue 9 and Volume 134.

Determine Engine Pressures With One Simple Formula DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner Determining engine pressures for those unusual master stream situations should not be much of a problem for pump operators if they remember one simple formula. Fortunately it is easy to solve in your head. It is the formula for friction loss in 2 ½-inch lines: Working a problem: Let’s see how the friction loss formula can help you determine the engine pressure needed for supplying a 1 ½ – inch straight tip (solid bore nozzle) on a deluge set supplied by two 2 ¼-inch lines, each of them 300 feet long. You know that the standard 80-psi nozzle pressure will result in a flow of about 600 gpm through a 1 ½ -inch tip. However, you don’t remember the friction loss, so you go to square one—the friction loss formula. The Q in the formula is the gpm divided…

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