Fire Equipment Digest

Issue 9 and Volume 134.

Fire Equipment Digest Battery Tester Ratelco, Inc. has recently developed the BT-1 battery tester with interchangeable adapters. The batteries are tested by a controlled and timed discharge. Improper operating conditions are also detected. The tester can accommodate rechargeable batteries from 1.25 to 24-volts and 2-amp-hours of capacity. The testing sequence requires 1½-hours for a good battery. The unit requires 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 12 watts power input and has a built-in load value. Circle No. 13 on Reader Service Card Lantern Bright Star Industries is now marketing a high-intensity lantern for emergency situations. Bright Star’s Model 727 is equipped with a dual-filament sealed-beam bulb controlled by a three-way switch to provide a strong spotlight or a wider angle floodlight. The sealed-beam bulb is seated in a rubber gasket to cushion it against shock or vibration. The lantern mounts on a 7 ½-volt battery. Circle No. 15 on Reader Service Card…

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