Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 9 and Volume 134.

Manufacturers’ Literature 80 Pressure Demand Breathing Apparatus A full-color brochure entitled “MSA Pressure Demand Breathing Apparatus for the Professionals” is available from Mine Safety Appliances Company. The brochure discusses three MSA products used by fire fighters: the pressure demand air mask, pressure demand Air Cub and composite cylinder. It also includes a section entitled “The ABCs of Pressure Demand,” which describes the differences between pressure demand and demand-type breathing apparatus, and includes a color-coded schematic drawing of the major components of the pressure demand air mask. MSA also has available an illustrated bulletin on inspection and maintenance procedures as well as a full-color wall poster entitled “How to Use the MSA Model 401 Pressure Demand Air Mask.” 81 Battery Packs—A complete line of EMS battery packs for biomedical and communications equipment is listed in an eightpage catalog from Alexander Manufacturing Co. Batteries for monitor/defibrillators, other monitors, infusion and suction pumps,…

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