Air Compressor: Lubricate Properly

Issue 10 and Volume 134.

Air Compressor: Lubricate Properly In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of high pressure respiratory-type air compressors by fire departments. Because of this increase, helpful information is needed for the operators of these compressors. One of the most important operational items (as well as one of the most abused) is proper lubrication. High pressure respiratory air compressors, by their very nature, are precision machines. Wear tolerances in the high pressure cylinders, for example, usually cannot exceed .002 of an inch. A slight malfunction or improper preventive maintenance can result in rapid destruction of a critical operating part. A better understanding of the part good lubrication plays in this will help increase the operational reliability of the compressor. The lubricated reciprocalng-type compressors for respiratory purposes are still the most common. They contain oil in a central reservoir such as a crankcase. From here, oil is distributed…

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