From the Publishers Desk

Issue 11 and Volume 134.

From the Publishers Desk Tradition Expires, But Not Unheard departments Among the grain gleaned from our mail this month is news of the demise of another tradition. Although its life span was far less than that of the leather helmet and the wooden ladder, its passing merits notice. The 10-code has gone to join the hereafter of the radio tubes in the Phoenix Fire Department. It seems that a study of the department’s radio communications led to the conclusion that the 10-code was “sometimes more of an impedi ment to clear communications than a help.” However, that’s only part of the reason for the change. The Phoenix Department is moving toward computer-aided dispatch and the operation of push buttons on mobile digital terminals will transmit a number of routine messages. Plain language for other messages fits in with the design of the new dispatch system. Although tradition may die a…

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