Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 11 and Volume 134.

Manufacturers’ Literature departments 80 EMS Training Equipment—EMS Products has published a catalog covering its line of emergency care training equipment and supplies. The catalog includes information on adult and infant CPR manikins, anatomical charts, injury simulation kits, childbirth manikins, intravenous training units, textbooks and specialized CPR manikin repairs and modifications. 81 Respiratory Protection—A full-color wall poster entitled “How to Use the MSA Model 401 Pressure Demand Air Mask” is available from Mine Safety Appliances Company. The 20 by 26-inch poster offers an illustrated reference to routine procedures for donning, checking and removing the apparatus. It also features a color-coded schematic drawing on air flow from the cylinder through the regulator to the facepiece. The schematic pinpoints the relative location of all valves, the pressure gage and the diaphragm. It is accompanied by an exploded view of the exhalation valve in the facepiece. 82 Radio Data Networks—A 12-page brochure from Printer…

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