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Issue 12 and Volume 134.

It’s the Season to Take a Look At What New Year May Bring From the Publishers Desk It’s the season to be jolly and it’s also the season to wonder what’s ahead as the new year makes its debut as 1982. The general state of the economy and the termination of revenue sharing by the federal government will affect the decisions of fire chiefs. The concerns of chiefs in these areas will be shared by the man ufacturers of tire service equipment. In the nearly 30 states that administer Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, budgets will be strained to buy personal protective equipment mandated for all fire departments in those states. Municipalities no longer will l>e able to buy apparatus with revenue sharing funds a process that has made such purchases seem almost painless to budget preparers in the past. Therefore, a shrinkage of apparatus orders from municipalities…

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