Principles of Effective Relays With Large-Diameter Hose

Issue 12 and Volume 134.

Principles of Effective Relays With Large-Diameter Hose departments The Volunteers Corner The use of large-diameter hose to get water to the fireground has made a drastic change in rural fire fighting. With 4 and 5-inch hose, rural fire departments are getting enough water on the fireground to make aggressive attacks on fires that years ago called for defensive tactics. With the ability to put 600 to 1000 gpm or more on the fireground, rural fire departments consider mounting a blitz attack instead of merely protecting exposures. Obviously, if a sizable flow of water is to be sent over a long distance, then relay pumping is necessary. This meaqs that a rural department must have enough pumpers available for a relay. To get enough pumpers for a long, large-volume relay, mutual aid is usually needed, and in many areas automatic mutual aid puts pumpers from outside departments on the road with…

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