Issue 12 and Volume 134.

Films SKILLS FOR SAVING LIVES ACT Foundation, Basking Ridge, N.J. 07920; color, 50 minutes divided into 5 modules; video, $155; 16mm, $380. How to administer CPR in a variety of circumstances is the subject of this film. It describes how CPR should be performed when alone, and with two rescuers, and clearing obstructed infant and adult airways. Clearing airways of obese and pregnant victims is also covered. GET OUT ALIVE!, The Hartford Insurance Group, Hartford, Conn., color. Available from Hartford agents as a public service. Surviving a high-rise hotel fire is discussed in this film, which is suitable for showing at public education functions. The movie advises travelers what to do should there be a fire in their hotel. It makes standard recommendations for survival, such as remaining calm, learning where fire exits are, protecting oneself against deadly smoke and keeping floors and walls wet to hold fire back. One…

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