New Uses for Surplus SCBA Cases

Issue 1 and Volume 135.

New Uses for Surplus SCBA Cases features Many fire departments are now using walk-away brackets for self-contained breathing apparatus. This often leads to a collection of unused breathing apparatus boxes cluttering up the storage area at the firehouse. The question then is what to do with them. The boxes are generally too good to throw out, but we had no reason to keep them. Now we have developed two valuable and cost-effective uses for them: Conversion to a first-aid or trauma kit. Containers for hazardous materials tools. To make the conversion to a first-aid or trauma kit, select a box that is in good condition. The older type (fiberboard with metal-reinforced corners) works best. The corners are square and it is easier to arrange the supplies in the box. Color identification The first step in the conversion process is to remove the wood or foam that held the breathing apparatus…

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