Low-Cost Computers For the Fire Service

Issue 2 and Volume 135.

Low-Cost Computers For the Fire Service features Part II Last month, Fire Engineering published a description of microcomputers. The easy-to-use desktop units can do many things to assist a fire department manager, dispatcher or trainer. This concluding article helps the new user avoid some of the common mistakes made when a computer is bought or used for the first time. A spirit of frontier exploration exists among the various organizations now taking advantage of low-cost microcomputers. Innovations by these pioneers are certain to benefit the fire service as well, and in ways that are still impossible to imagine. Even the creators of small computers admit they didn’t know what they were starting. “We have no idea just how many ways personal computers can be used,” says one computer company executive. “People are constantly discovering new uses for personal computing.” The idea of a “personal” computer indicates that the operation of…

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