Fire Equipment Digest

Issue 2 and Volume 135.

Fire Equipment Digest departments Bandage Wrap Pac-Kit Safety Equipment Co. now offers single use system bandages and compresses in peel-apart, sterile individual plastic wraps. A bandage or compress comes in a shallow plastic cup of 6mm thick Maraflex M-622, covered by the same and the edges are sealed under heat and vacuum, and sterilized by gamma radiation. It is peeled open, while the tough plastic wrap is tear and puncture resistant, and moisture-resistant. Circle No. 1 on Reader Service Card Warning Light Federal Signal Corp. has introduced the Fire Ball II, designed for use in compact cars. One-third smaller than its predecessor, with 40,000 candlepower, its 50-watt halogen lamp is 20 percent more powerful than before, 267 percent more powerful than the previous incandescent-lamp model, and uses ten percent less current. A magnet with 60 lbs. of pull strength secures the Fire Ball II, and an adjustable bracket with adhesive…

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