Fire Equipment Digest

Issue 3 and Volume 135.

Fire Equipment Digest departments Pulmonary Resuscitator Dyna Med Inc. is offering the White pulmonary resuscitator, which allows one rescuer to perform two-man CPR while administering 100 percent oxygen. The unit consists of a 39-inch breathing tube which acts as a passive filling oxygen reservoir when 100 percent oxygen is administered through the oxygen inlet at the distal end of the tube. Attached to the tube is a one-way nonrebreathing valve which allows the rescuer to adminster oxygen while the patient’s carbon dioxide is forced out through the exhalation port. The non-rebreathing valve allows use with face mask, endotraecheal tube and esophaegeal airway. When an endotraecheal tube has been established as an airway, a second rescuer can administer life support measures without concern for CPR. A single use, disposable item, the WPR may be used with adult or child. Circle No. 9 on Reader Service Card Encoder Zetron, Inc., has introduced…

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