DonÕt Forget That People Use Kerosine Heaters

Issue 4 and Volume 135.

The Editor’s Opinion Page features Don’t Forget That People Use Kerosine Heaters The distributors of kerosine heaters are depending on educating consumers to prevent users from becoming fire victims. That’s what we learned at a press conference of the National Kerosene Heater Association. Heater dealers are expected to present “a short safety course” to purchasers, said Roger Mitchell, president of the association. Bob de Montigny, a safety consultant for the association, stated, “The product is safe if used correctly,” and he cautioned, “Don’t leave a kerosine heater unattended for any length of time.” When asked how “educating the consumer” is expected to eliminate fire deaths associated with the use of these heaters when the National Safety Council has been trying valiantly to reduce traffic deaths for years without success, there was no satisfactory answer. We might add here that the United States Department of Transportation has forced the installation of…

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