Eight Killed in Fire After Gasoline Thrown on Exits

Issue 4 and Volume 135.

Eight Killed in Fire After Gasoline Thrown on Exits features A fire reported to be the result of a lover’s quarrel killed eight residents of a tenement house in Paterson, N.J. Gasoline had been poured on the front and rear exits and on the main stairway. Three fire fighters and 21 residents were injured by the fire and 100 were left homeless. Fire fighters had just placed their apparatus back in service after working several hours at a third-alarm arson fire when Station 11 was sounded at 2:58 a.m. last Oct. 15 for a fire at 89 Park Ave. The four-story brick building housed 16 families. It had a main open stairway up the center with a rear outside metal staircase and metal fire escape on the front. Photo by Lou Tunno First-arriving companies encountered a mass of flame over the entire facade of the building, engulfing both fire escapes…

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