Innovation and Renovation

Issue 4 and Volume 135.

Innovation and Renovation features Inexpensive Design for Pumper Facing increasing costs of fire apparatus and widespread budgetary cutbacks, the San Clemente, Calif., Fire Department was able to design and have manufactured a custom-built pumper for $30,000. That price included the purchase of a cab and chassis, the fabrication and construction of compartments and body, and reuse of a 500-gpm front-mount pump already owned by the department. San Clemente Fire Department has been running attack pumpers for over 10 years. They are an integral part of our department’s operation, due to their reduced manpower requirements, relative low cost and maneuverability. It was time to replace an older unit, so we developed our own specifications. Using this approach, we built a unit that fits our needs, uses and topography without having to pay extra for features we have no use for. We designed this unit with more compartment space than most class…

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