Garden Tractor at Brush Fires

Issue 4 and Volume 135.

Garden Tractor at Brush Fires features Springtime in northern Maine usually means an increase in the number of grass and brush fires in the dried-out vegetation while the ground itself is still wet from melted snow. Even fourwheel-drive vehicles had trouble with the wet soil, necessitating the old method of attack on foot with pump cans and brooms. But then the time and work required was greater. Now a deputy chief of the Presque Isle Fire Department has solved the problem for his potato-growing community. Merle Forbes, a 15-year veteran of the department, knew too well the time and work required to fight large grass fires in the agricultural community of 12,000. So he adapted his 14-hp diesel tractor—bought last year to till gardens on his off days—to grass fire fighting. 30-Gallon tank Soon after he purchased it, Forbes was impressed with the versatility of the small four-wheel-drive Kubota tractor…

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