Issue 8 and Volume 135.

PHILADELPHIA IS FOR FEASTING features You probably didn’t visit Philadelphia in’76. We were ready for you with dozens of new restaurants but you didn’t show up. Had you arrived in droves, as expected, those new restaurants might have gotten fat and lazy on the easy money tourists traditionally bring. When you let them down, Philadelphia’s restaurateurs, many of them idealistic young people on shoestring budgets, were faced with the rather formidable task of getting finicky locals to dine out often. They succeeded. The restaurants were comfortable and bright. They were, for the most part, happy, informal places to dine. They let Manhattan and Paris hire the haughty maitre d’s who doomed strangers to Siberia. They gave you friendly young women and men who were proud of the food they served. And Philadelphia restaurants are still doing that. Let’s take a look at what Philadelphia has to offer you. Dubbed “the…

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