All-Metal Buildings House Collapse Threat in Fires

Issue 8 and Volume 135.

All-Metal Buildings House Collapse Threat in Fires DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner They are sometimes described as “fireproof” buildings because they won’t burn. However, when their contents are seriously involved in fire, these buildings will collapse within a brief time. We are referring to the all-metal, modular buildings that are proliferating in all types of areas-urban, suburban and rural. These buildings have a steel frame and steel sides. The roof decks also are usually steel. This type of construction is one story high, but in some buildings, the one story equals one and a half or two stories in height. These buildings are used as warehouses, automotive repair shops, garages, school additions, office facilities and almost anything else that can be conveniently and economically housed by this type of construction. Fire problem: Although it is tempting to point to the use of these buildings as warehouses for combustible materials-or even noncombustible…

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