Citizen Emergency Training

Issue 8 and Volume 135.

Citizen Emergency Training Training citizens to protect themselves in fire, medical and other emergencies is the goal of Friends in Residential Emergencies (F.I.R.E.), developed by Chief William J. Reimer of Santa Ana, Ca. A combination of fire fighters and townspeople are incorporated, with officers and bylaws, and divided into four geographic areas, which are then broken down into blocks of 20-40 people. Specific problems within each area are then discerned, and better solved. The organization is also trying to train 10 percent of the community in CPR, conduct voluntary home safety inspections, develop business involvement in anti-arson and high-rise safety programs, and prepare residents for the effects of natural disasters. Smoke detectors are provided to low income residents and senior citizens through the program. F.I.R.E. is self-supporting, although it is soliciting government and foundation grants.

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