Issue 9 and Volume 135.

FIRE ENGINEERING September 1982 Volume 135 No. 9 THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 features 16 Citizen Fire Prevention Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary 22 HUD Standard Improves Safety in Mobile Homes, Survey Shows 28 Volunteers Cut Off Boat Yard Fire Despite Winds and Exploding Tanks 32 13-Ft. Ladder Gets to Topmost High-Rise Floors 36 Good Public Relations—More Important Than Ever 38 Two Fire Fighters Killed Trying to Ventilate Roof 40 Entire Buildings Are Labeled With NFPA 704M Marking System 42 Winds Sweep Fire Through Anaheim 44 Put Mailing List For Fund Raising In a Microcomputer 46 New Inspection Program Tracks Hazardous Materials departments 6 The Editor’s Opinion Page 8 Letters to the Editor 10 Fire Schools and Seminars 18 The Volunteers Corner 50 Fire Equipment Digest 56 Films and Slides 56 Coming Events 57 From the Publisher’s Desk 58 Advertisers’ Index 59 Reader Service Card 28 Boat…

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