“HUD Standard Improves Safety In Mobile Homes, Survey Shows”

Issue 9 and Volume 135.

HUD Standard Improves Safety In Mobile Homes, Survey Shows features Fire and life safety has improved dramatically in mobile homes built in compliance with a federal standard enacted in 1976. Furthermore, a survey shows that the installation of smoke detectors makes a marked improvement in fire and life safety in mobile homes of both pre-standard and post-standard vintage. For the pre-standard homes, which account for three quarters of all mobile homes, the overal situation is bad and is growing worse in some areas. Rising concern over the life safety of nearly 9 million persons living in mobile homes spurred the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to enact the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standard (NMHCSS) in 1976. The standard sets requirements for mobile home construction and materials to improve safety from fire and other hazards. A recently completed evaluation commissioned by HUD to update a…

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