Entire Buildings Are Labeled With NFPA 704M Marking System

Issue 9 and Volume 135.

Entire Buildings Are Labeled With NFPA 704M Marking System features A hazardous materials marking system for buildings is providing Charlotte, N.C., fire fighters with extra important information about dangerous materials that may be present in a structural fire. Some fire departments already maintain a central building record system, but that system puts extra work on fire alarm operators when they are most heavily involved in dispatching multiple companies or receiving calls. And a central file cannot easily be referenced if smoke is reported on a certain street but the exact address is not known. Need tragically demonstrated The need for immediate identification of the presence of hazardous materials was tragically demonstrated in Charlotte in 1959. Fire fighters responding to a fire in an abandoned chemical plant being demolished found a vat of burning kerosine. They were unaware of a submerged 100-pound block of metallic sodium that had reacted with rainwater…

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