Issue 11 and Volume 135.

BOOKS TRENCH RESCUE, James B. Gargan; Robert J. Brady Co., Bowie, Md. 20715; 175pages, $17.95. How to undertake and achieve a successful trench rescue is detailed in this manual. It begins with preparation of a rescue system, and continues with assessment and response, hazard control, support operations, gaining access, emergency medical care, disentanglement, removal, transfer, and termination. An index and glossary are at the end of the book. INVESTIGATING THE FIREGROUND, Calvin T. Phillipps, David A. McFadden; Robert / Brady Co., Bowie, Md., 20715; 269pages; $16.95. Thorough fireground investigation is demonstrated in this text, which covers fireground search and analysis, training requirements for successful investigation, determination of points of origin, and heat ignition sources. Also included are investigation of the building’s exterior and interior, evidence, people and records as evidence, vehicle fires, and documents and reports.

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