Issue 11 and Volume 135.

TREETOP RESCUE RESCUE/EMS The first call to the fire department reported only a man stuck in a tree but a falling limb had partially severed his arm and leg. John Fogarty, 21, climbed a tree last July 26 to cut down a branch blocking his employer’s view of nearby Lunken Airport in Cincinnati. The tree grew on a steep and jungle-like hillside above Columbia Parkway and below Catawba Valley Lane. Sitting in the fork, Fogarty sawed through the limb. As it fell, vines caught it and carried it back against Fogarty, partially severing his left arm and leg. Thus began a 2 ½ -hour rescue involving fire department personnel, two rescue units, a heavy rescue squad, two engine companies, a truck company, a helicopter, a physician and a tree surgeon. At 12:33 p.m., the fire communications division received a telephone call reporting a man stuck in a tree at 1029…

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