How to Take a Charged Line Up a Ladder

Issue 11 and Volume 135.

How to Take a Charged Line Up a Ladder DEPARTMENTS Dick Sylvia’s Volunteers Comer Taking a charged line up a ladder is one of the toughest jobs on the fireground. And because this evolution is so precarious, it requires exceptional teamwork to be accomplished safely and quickly. The two factors that create the difficulty are the added weight of the water in the charged line and rigidity of the hose. These are the same two troublemakers that make it advisable to stretch dry lines whenever possible. Three times the weight: But once a line is charged, we are faced with handling an additional 106 pounds of water in each 50-foot length of 2 ½-inch hose. This means that we have to haul as much as three times the weight of some dry hose. The other problem – the rigidity of the hose-is intensified as the pressure increases. With water flowing,…

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