Issue 2 and Volume 136.

FIRE ENGINEERING February 1983 Volume 136 No. 2 Training for Hazmat incidents … See page 42 RESCUE/EMS COMPETITION: Two reports on skill contests that were found to motivate higher levels of training. The positive results are certain to show up in the field. 16 HEAVY RESCUE A New Jersey team won this year’s rescue contest at the International Rescue and Emergency Care Conference in Baltimore. 16 ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT As part of the annual Clinical Conference on Pre-Hospital Emergency Care held in Orlando, this contest was added “to link training to real events in the field.” 28 TRAPPED IN A SWAMP A loaded chicken truck ran off the road into an Alabama swamp, and rescuers had to submerge crates of live chickens to form a bridge to the trapped driver. FIRE REPORTS 22 $90 MILLION FIRE IN MINNEAPOLIS This arson fire was started in an unguarded demolition site, where walls…

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