Lloyd Layman’s Theory: Its Time Has Come and Gone

Issue 2 and Volume 136.

Lloyd Layman’s Theory: Its Time Has Come and Gone Departments Gene Carlson’s Volunteers Corner Lloyd Layman is known as the father of the tactics scheme used either entirely or in part by most fire departments in North America. In addition, his concepts on fire extinguishment revolutionized water application in fire suppression. Chief Layman began his work during World War II when he was commandant of the United States Coast Guard Fire Fighting School at Baltimore, Md He later adapted what he had learned about the indirect application of water to structural fire fighting while chief of the Parkersburg, W Va., Fire Department. His theory, termed the theory of indirect application and atmospheric displacement, assumed that “the cooling action of water, applied in the form of finely divided particles at the upper level within a highly heated confined space, is not limited to the immediate area” From Layman’s exeriments the popular…

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