Issue 3 and Volume 136.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST DEPARTMENTS Twin Agent System Fire Combat Inc., introduces a twin agent system, aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) and dry rhemical apparatus. Self-contained and highly mobile, it can be operated by one man and in areas where it is difficult to deploy heavier equipment or where water or hydrants are not available. The chemical collapses the flame allowing quick reduction in temerature. The manufacturer states that the design gives superior cross-wind performance in combatting class A, B, and C fires. Circle No. 8 on Reader Service Card Safety Parka A heavy-duty, cold weather fire resistant safety parka of 6 ounce, Nomex III outer fabric has been introduced by Body Guard, Division of Lion Uniform, Inc. The inside quilted thermal liner is Nomex quilt with a Nomex vapor barrier coated with flame retardant Neoprene that protects the wearer from rain, snow, wind, cold, and intense heat. Optional Nomex hood is…

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