Issue 3 and Volume 136.

FILMS DEPARTMENTS TRAINING PACKAGE, Three National Fire Academy programs available for general distribution through the National Audiovisual Center, write National Audio Visual Center, Information Services JF, Wash., D. C. 20409. Fire Fighter I, Emphasizes educating both new trainees and experienced personnel to become effective members of fire fighting teams. Programed for 110 hours of instruction, the course contains lesson plans outlines and guidelines for preparing quizzes and final examinations. Fire/Arson Detection, Familiarizes fire service personnel with the techniques of determining fire cause and recognizing clues or evidence of arson. Volunteer Fire Service Management. Designed for managers of volunteer fire department organizations, covers the principles of planning, organizing, and controlling fire department functions. SAFETY SERIES, Seven short animated films designed to create or supplement safety sessions in business and industry Available in 16mm color/sound or video, complete series $901.00. Film Communicators 11136 Weddington St., No. Flollywood, CA 91601. Physiological Limitations, Examines…

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