VisiCalc: The Best-Selling Software for Microcomputers

Issue 7 and Volume 136.

VisiCalc: The Best-Selling Software for Microcomputers MANAGEMENT USING MICROCOMPUTERS Microcomputers, once considered too small to be effective tools for the fire service, are now making inroads into fire departments across the country. Microcomputers are proving to be a time-saving and efficient method of determining average response times, balancing budgets, keeping records, calculating hydrant flows and much more. Computer applications for the fire service are limited only by the imagination. Even hypothetical questions (If the personnel budget goes up only 6 percent instead of the predicted 10 percent, but fuel costs doubled, what would be left over for the equipment budget?) can now be answered by a department’s computer with a software package called VisiCalc. Predicted budget increases and decreases are entered into the budget format, which provides baseline figures. VisiCalc, which can be used in most microcomputers, then calculates and recalculates the budget information to provide an answer in approximately…

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