Issue 7 and Volume 136.

EARTHQUAKE RESCUE/EMS “It felt like a giant rolling pin under the ground.” Four fire fighters and Captain John Donelan, who was conducting a Stokes litter drill in the Coalinga, Calif., fire station last May 2, felt a “rolling sensation” in the ground at 4:42 p.m. Everyone immediately evacuated to the backyard, away from the station. “We had been warned over and over about earthquakes and had been drilled on how to prepare,” said a Coalinga fire fighter. Donelan heard a loud popping sound overhead. The truss rods on the 100,000-gallon, 125-foot-high water tower behind the station were breaking. All hands moved to the front of the building. When the tremor stopped 17 seconds later, all apparatus were removed from the station. The fire station and immediate surrounding buildings were still standing, but a large column of dust rose from a collapsed building one block north of the firehouse on Elm…

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