Issue 8 and Volume 136.

SIGHTS AND SIGNS OF ARSON FIRE REPORTS With arson a growing problem in the United States, all fires, regardless of how small, should be investigated since information on these fires may be essential in developing a pattern of the firesetter. This cannot be done if evidence is destroyed during fire fighting operations. Arson is estimated to account for 25 percent of all fires and nearly $ 15 billion in indirect fire losses each year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 154,500 structural fires in 1981 were labeled incendiary or suspicious. No facility is immune to the threat of arson. And the threat of arson is continuously on the rise. The motives for arson encompass a wide range of reasons – arson for profit, crime concealment, civil unrest, revenge, vandalism, entertainment, psychological compulsion, intimidation. Minor’ fires can often indicate the presence of an arsonist or signal the start of a…

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