Issue 8 and Volume 136.

USING ALL AVAILABLE APPARATUS SPACE APPARATUS/EQUIPMENT Storage space on fire apparatus is always at a premium. Bulky items such as extra air packs, salvage covers and foam containers are usually left at the station, or just a token quantity is carried. Most vehicles have a large tailboard that could be used to carry more equipment, especially bulk goods that are stackable, such as foam cans. The tailboard pictured carries 12 5-gallon containers of foam. The laying of hose lines is not impeded and there is still room to carry additional personnel on the tailboard. The modifications and the costs were minor. The parts needed are four ¾-inch one-piece pipe hangers, two 3/4-inch pipes cut to length desired, four 3/4 -inch elbows, four ¾-inch caps, four 3/4 -inch close nipples, and eight 5/16-inch bolts with cap nuts. The caps can be screwed on hand tight so the bracket can be removed…

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