Issue 9 and Volume 136.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST Departments Rescue Tool An air hydraulic powered Rescue Gator cutter that slices through metal with 17,000 pounds of force, has been designed by Lincoln St. Louis, division of McNeil Corporation. Designed especially for the rescue-extrication field, the new model 99801 Rescue Gator is made of high strength steels, and weighs 28 pounds. An air/hydraulic powered ram, operating within a hydraulic cylinder, forces the cutter blades to open and close, performing the cutting operation, much as a large shear would do. The cylinder has a rear handle, as well as a circular front handle to permit blade positioning at any angle. Standard compressed air tanks, with regulated air pressure to 200 psi powers an air/hydraulic pump to develop the 8 1/2 tons of force at the cutter blade center. Circle No. 8 on Reader Service Card Personal Distress The Lifegard II Personal Distress Device manufactured by the Antenna Specialists…

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