Haz-mat teams roll in L.A.

Issue 9 and Volume 136.

Haz-mat teams roll in L.A. Departments DISPATCHES Referred to as SCATs in Los Angeles City, manpower response squads in Los Angeles County, hazardous materials companies have been activated by both the L.A. City and L.A. County Fire Departments. In a six-month period, SCATs (Strategic Chemical Attack Teams) 4, 27, and 39 responded to 62 hazardous materials incidents in the 455-square-mile area of L.A. City. The specially-trained units respond on call and on first alarms in the city’s high value districts, which include the downtown area, office buildings, high-rises and heavily populate! areas. The squads also are called in when additional manpower is needed to fight fires not involving hazardous materials. L.A. City’s fire prevention unit operates a mobile fire lab that works with the SCATs. The mobile lab has three functions, explains Captain Dean Cathey of the L.A. City Fire Department The lab is equipped to identify and determine the…

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