Pocket Maintenance

Issue 1 and Volume 137.

Pocket Maintenance DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK Maintenance schedules, common in fire departments, can run the gamut from annual, quarterly or monthly checks to weekly or daily checks. Although the quality of maintenance can differ greatly among departments, all maintenance usually involves equipment in which the department has monetary interest. Periodic examination of clothing, helmets and boots should also be part of fire departments’ maintenance programs. However, there is still one area of maintenance that is never talked about—the fire fighters’ personal equipment. The equipment he always has or doesn’t have on his person at every fire. As we rise to an obvious structural fire, we are fraught with anticipation. Coats buckled? Boots pulled up? SCBA donned? A quick check of nozzles and tools. Are we ready? Look for the gloves. Missing? Borrowed again? Is finding them like trying to unroll crumpled metal, stiffened from water and plaster from the last worker?…

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