Emergency Service Personnel—Size up for Your Own Safety!

Issue 6 and Volume 137.

Emergency Service Personnel—Size up for Your Own Safety! PERSONAL SAFETY Anticipating a potentially dangerous situation when responding to an EMS call and minimizing the possibility of injury should be part of all emergency response training. As emergency service personnel, we are often called upon to respond to crises about which we have received virtually no or a minimal amount of essential information. We have all responded to that ambiguous call of a sick or injured person, never knowing what has preceded that sicknessvor injury. From the training we have been given, we do respond as swiftly and as safely as possible, render assistance and return to quarters. But has responding to numerous emergencies without incident made us complacent or overconfident? In many cases, EMS or rescue personnel arrive before or without the local police department. In these cases, what action should be taken by a rescue unit if the crisis…

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