The Model Incident Command System Series

Issue 8 and Volume 137.

The Model Incident Command System Series STRATEGY AND TACTICS Water and Flow This is the second in a series of articles on incident command. In this issue, the authors will focus on water and fire flow calculations. BY AND RESOURCE DETERMINATION: Water As a review, what are some of the qualities that make water the most commonly employed extinguishing agent? Water is: efficient relatively inexpensive abundant easily moved readily stored relatively inert (non-reactive) Of all these features, the efficiency of water in absorbing heat makes it our most valuable substance in controlling and extinguishing fire. In order to develop our understanding of the capabilities of water, we must first define the terms specific heat and latent heat of vaporization. Specific heat. Specific heat or thermal capacity of a substance is: The number of Btu required to raise the temperature of one pound of a substance 1°F, or the number of…

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