Project Horizon

Issue 8 and Volume 137.

Project Horizon How many times in a large organization do we hear someone wonder “What’s going on down at headquarters?” The Philadelphia, PA, Fire Department, under Fire Commissioner William C. Richmond, has instituted a series of programs aimed at answering that question by increasing awareness at all levels of department operations. One of the newest programs, Project Horizon, is designed to introduce individual firefighters to the intricacies of the Philadelphia Fire Department by having the member spend 10 weeks in various areas of the operations and staff services sections. According to Deputy Chief Gary Appleby, head of support services and the designer of Project Horizon, “The role of the professional firefighter in 1984 mandates this type of training. We saw a need in the department to create a heightened awareness of the line/staff concept, and to provide better insights into how problems are managed.” Department members selected for Project Horizon…

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