The Model Incident Command System Series RESOURCE CAPABILITY

Issue 9 and Volume 137.

The Model Incident Command System Series RESOURCE CAPABILITY DEPARTMENTS STRATEGY AND TACTICS This is the third in a series of articles on incident command. In this issue, the authors will focus on determining resource capability. RESOURCE DETERMINATION: Resource capability In the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, we explained a system for determining water flow requirements for different size fire areas and how to adjust the basic fire flow to account for the variables of occupancy, fire loading, exposures, and percent involvement. We are now ready to determine the amount of manpower required at an incident both to deliver the needed fire flow and to accomplish the other functions necessary for effective fire suppression. In order to determine the most effective deployment of firefighting forces, incident commanders must know the capability of those forces to deliver water on the fire. Think about the number of engines (pumpers) and ladder trucks that…

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