Effective Use of Pumpers

Issue 9 and Volume 137.

Effective Use of Pumpers DEPARTMENTS Volunteers Corner Today, when fire departments purchase a new pumper, there is a tendency to increase the size of the pumping capacity and the water tank. Unfortunately, many departments do not change their mode of operation to make the most effective use of the new equipment. Recommendations resulting from insurance surveys generally call for a 1,000 gpm pump, and the National Fire Protection Association’s committee on Standard 1901, Automotive Fire Apparatus, is discussing a change from a minimum of 500 gpm to a minimum of 750 gpm. These increased pump capacities will enable a greater delivery of water IF there are adequate delivery devices, discharge outlets of ample size, and hose capability matching the pump capacity. It is rare to find a pumper with an inadequate number of outlets, but many rear discharges should be of larger pipe with a reduced number of 90° elbows…

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