Input versus Apathy— You Make the Difference

Issue 11 and Volume 137.

Input versus Apathy— You Make the Difference DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION FIRE ENGINEERING is your national magazine. Since taking command of the editorial format of this publication, many comments from you bounce around my walls. Most are kind, others accuse us of being parochial in content and geographical region. In trying to be responsible to all of you, I have, on more than one occasion, asked you for feedback and input in the form of information and manuscripts. Response from the various areas of our country has been thrilling to say the least. You have been a great asset and friend to me in trying to make this magazine more important and more responsive to all our readers. Thanks. Now, I want to push you further. We need your input on two major issues. Your time and effort will go toward directly helping one very important person—you! Two subjects have recently…

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